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struggling with GCSE eng lit

Im finding hard to juggle analysing around six quotes each for the 30 marker , I think im writing too much analysis. Could someone look at my essay (not finished lol) and give feedback on how to slim down on analysis and get it done faster, also give feedback on what I could actually improve onIn the 'jekyll and hyde' stevenson reflects upon the growing anxieties of victorian london that were invented by increasing anxieties surronding scientific advancements and the fear of a breakdown in order and religion leading to a breakdown in societywriting in 19th century victorian london, stevenson was influenced by darwins 'theory of evoulution' stating thatall men descended from apes instead of being created by God. Stevenson also himself renounced religion and became an athiest , deciding to go against the expectations and views of victorian society.Through the character of 'hyde' stevenson highlights how we all have a mysterious dark side that is locked away from the public sphere and hidden away in the 'private sphere'. This aspect of human beings helps to create mystery and tensionAt the beginning of the play ,through uttersons first meeting with hyde, stevenson creates an atmosphere of secrecy and mystery as he introduces hyde as a character that keeps a lot of secrets about himself hidden, stevenson explores the tension that comes from a repressive society as hyde is very reluctant to speak about himslef and his origins.We first see glimpses of this when utterson states "If he be Mr Hyde , I'll be Mr seek".The quote demonstrates that hyde is almost trying to hide himself away from the public as he proves to be a hard individual to find, this links back to the dangers and tension that comes from a repressive society as hyde is almost trying to lock himself away into his 'private sphere' not bothering about his 'public sphere'(going againts victorian expectations). The use of the word 'seek' demonstrates that stevenson is almost trying to tell the reader to seek out the truth and not ignore situations when they arise(which would make sense as he is writing to a victorian audience, in which repression was heavily idealised). On the other hand stevenson could be trying to show the dangers of seeking out the truth as it will only lead evil and (as we see at the end of the play) death.oh btw the question was how does stevenson create mystery and tension or smthing like that
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ok so this has potential. in the first half you're doing more telling than showing - you need to back up what you say with evidence from the text. the second half does this better and you've used a quote. there is definitely not too much analysis!

ps- watch your SPAG as you will be marked on it!!

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