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Explore the significance of the military world to the tragedy of Othello. Remember to include in your answer relevant comment on Shakespeare’s dramatic methods.

please can someone help? mock on thursday and i have no ideas for quotes or what to talk about besides othello’s gain of status through the military and isolation in cyprus
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this seems quite difficult, probably not much help given that your mock is today but here are some things I can think of:

- the military world that Othello lives in conflicts with the lack of exposure that Desdemona has to the world around her, they live two very different lifestyles which is something that Iago uses to his advantage to carry out his plan
- Desdemona cannot fight, she cannot be a part of her husband's world, a 'moth of peace', questions whether the two really are destined for each other as it is hard to tell whether they actually in love with each other, or whether they are in love with the idea of each other, in particular Desdemona, as she longs to be a part of Othello's world
- Othello's consistent use of military language and allusions to various war zones eg. Aleppo shows how extensive his travelling and knowledge is of the outside world compared to his wife. His language evolves as the play progresses, from a sense of calm (a1s2) to the paranoia and pain caused by Iago's manipulation that leads to his downfall. Structure also changes , the short lines at the beginning disappear once he starts believing Iago.

- Othello's gain of status evokes Iago's power hunger (so to speak). He shows bitterness and disregard towards Othello from the opening scene. Calls him the 'Moor', his children beasts (don't have the book on me so can't quote directly sorry), tells Brabantio that 'a black ram is tupping your white ewe'.
- technically this is ironic as they are both part of the same side of the military and are supposedly fighting the same cause. Iago uses this to his advantage in order to cary out his own motives. This is what makes the revelations in Act 5 so shocking to the other characters. ***The military world is the cause of Iago's hate for Othello, also heightened by the theme of racism, whereby Iago considers Roderigo, a rich white gentleman a better suitor for Desdemona than Othello. Othello shows that this is his insecurity through his 'chamberers' speech -' Haply, for I am black'***

good luck , hope it helps if it's not too late aha

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