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is anyone nice enough to give me their view on uni life?

I just had my Yr13 mocks and now i gotta think about something else
Hi there!

I hope you are doing well.

I am a final year LLB Law Student studying at City, University of London. What course are you interested in?

I can surely give you an insight into uni life. I usually start my day at 9am and I will start my readings, watch lecture videos (I am doing online learning rather than in-person) and then preparing for tutorials and actually attending tutorials. These usually takes me the whole day and usually finish at 5pm or 6pm depending on the module.

The amount of modules you undertake will vary from universities but also the course that you undertake. As a LLB Law student, I have a total of 8 modules and this is split into 4 modules for each term. As a result, I spend a day on each module so that I am prepared for my tutorials but also not behind.

Similar to your mocks, the LLB Law programme gives students the chance to undertake formative exams. This may be in the form of coursework, presentation, MCQ or a debate etc. Students have the opportunity to receive feedback and are able to book meetings with the module leader to discuss the feedback further. Students then undertake a summative exam which counts towards the degree.

Click the link here to see students experience at City, University of London.

I hope this helps. If you have further questions about university life, I will be more than happy to answer them.

Anisa 😊
Final Year LLB Law Student
I take it they didn't go all that well :/
Hope you find something that works out for you :smile:
Original post by Anonymous
is anyone nice enough to give me their view on uni life?

I just had my Yr13 mocks and now i gotta think about something else

Hey! :smile:

How do you think your mocks went? Huge good luck with them, and just remember to be proud of how hard you worked!

I think it's so important to speak to current students directly, that way you get a real insight into student life and their genuine experience. If you did want to have a chat to students, you can speak to ours directly here - they'll be more than happy to answer any questions you have :smile:

If you'd also like to read some blogs from our students about their university life you can do so here or watch their vlogs over on our YouTube here.

But I'd definitely recommend checking out the blogs, profiles and youtube videos from any other uni you're interested in as well, that way you get a greater understanding of what they offer. You could also check out their Instagram accounts, you'll probably find student takeovers on their highlights, and a nice insight into student life from their photos :smile:

Good luck with everything, I hope you find the right university and course for you.


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