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Hi could someone mark my geography 9 marker based on london docklands regenera please

evaluate the success of one named strategy to improve the urban environment (no SPaG marks)
The London docklands were formed in the Isle of Dogs. A quarter of the land was owned by the British empire. In 1980 the docklands had regenerated, causing anger with the local people living there which eventually led to protests.

The success of the Dockland regeneration varied as the local people that had originally lived there were not as satisfied as the people that just moved into the area. For example, the house rent prices doubled when they were redecorated, affecting the residents of the homes. these people were not consulted about the regeneration in their area which didn’t allow them to prepare for the impacts they would experience later. However, the regeneration program provided thousands of new jobs for the people living in the docklands and for those who have migrated. Unfortunately, the people working there did not have the ‘skills’ for these jobs as they were specifying in finance. They had power over compulsory purchase meaning that, they were forced to leave if they didn’t sell their business, affecting the employment for the people working in the docklands.

However, the dockland is in the central part of London meaning that there were a variety of services as well as jobs to offer. The London docklands was after all necessary as there was a need to improve the economic, social, and environmental problems that had developed in the area that was once one of the world busiest ports. The area was also in decline in the 1950s. this is because of container ships for trade (including animals and food/spices) could no longer access the port as the river themes get narrower and shallower further into the east. The regeneration program was beneficial because it had stopped trade coming in from abroad with tamed animals for food and zoos as I mentioned above.

Overall, the success of the regeneration program di benefit the people migrating there as there was a wide range of financial jobs, such as banks. Although the residents originally living in the docklands did to have the skills for these sort of jobs, they have variety of services to work with. However, they had to travel further away from their homes and they people running the regeneration program have power over compulsory purchase which effects their economic and social life
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