I want to take a break from my Girlfriend

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Okay so I want to take a break from my girlfriend, we aren’t really young as we are in our early 20s.

So what happened yesterday was pretty intense, I get along with her best friend and we occasionally message as we are in a GC. Anyway before I messaged her and asked her to help me find my girlfriend a xmas present because when I was trying to find out she kept changing her mind every 5 mins so I asked her to help. But she seen some of the messages and got angry she was messaging me and I told her to stop and to not say anything and she send her an angry message after I told her not to and had to tell her before it went too far, I asked her to find you an xmas present which is why she was messaging me. She then said she felt bad etc.

Also later that day we went to a student night and she started to drink and it started to get worse. A friend of my friend got pushed into the rails by a drunk guy at the club and I asked her if she was okay and my girlfriend seen it and grabbed me by my neck and pulled me away and slapped me really hard and pushed that girl. The girl then was ready to fight her and she got some other guy as back up but luckily I knew the guy she brought along and because I knew him he just took the girl away and we settled it without a fight but that was lucky I knew the girl or there would have been a fight. She then slapped me 2 more times and punch me in the face once. This damaged my glasses and I needed to get them repaired today.

She then went up to my cousin on the student night and told him about us which I didn’t want to because it’s only been 3 months and i’m from an Indian background and that puts a lot of pressure on things now that the family now and I didn’t want them to know this soon.

I then had to leave a bit early to take her back to her accommodation and when I was driving him she kept spam calling me constantly one after another I asked so many times and told her to stop and I kept having to touch the screen to hang up and I can’t multitask while driving and it was stupidly windy and raining and with her constantly spam calling I kept having touch the screen and taking my eyes of the road I almost hit a tree which had fell on the road with the wind and missed it by swerving by about a foot and that kept replying in my head over and over and she didn’t care.

Is this a good enough reason for me to take a break?
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Excuse me? Please read this over and wake up. She is abusing you. You need to stand up for yourself. She is treating you like absolute **** and you’re allowing her to do so. This is more than a good enough reason to LEAVE her, not just take a break
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1. Turn your phone off when driving if you can't ignore it.
2. If it was me it would be breaking up with her rather than taking a break. What good do you think taking a break will do. It is a short relationship that doesn't sound like it is worth trying to fix.

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