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what is an education studies degree

what do you actually do in an education studies degree.
So I'm doing primary education studies and what we do is look ay education well specially primary education as a context. So we look at theorists, we look at how thr education system has advanced through time. We look at like inclusive practices of working within education. We are primary school focused primarily. However we learn about all sorts
@04MR17 did a joint honours in education I think and might be able to advise?

I believe in general it focus on the academic study of education - how do people learn, what are the social and economic constraints and influences on learning, different theories of learning and teaching, etc. It's not necessarily a course that provides qualified teacher status (QTS) either - for example Cambridge's education course doesn't.
The main focus depends on the institution and the specialisms of the department. Some of my modules included:

Understanding Learning (Psychology of Education)
The concept of childhood (sociology of Education)
Education Policy (politics)
Progressive Education (politics)
History of Education in England (History)
Race and Education Policy (sociology)
Poverty and Education (sociology)
What is Professionalism? (sociology)
Research Methods (hell)
Higher education

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