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Possibility of membership with the Psychological Society with a degree from Canada?


I am a EU citizen, but obtained a 4-year Bachelor's degree (B.A. Honours in Psychology) in Canada.

I hope to apply to clinical psychology graduate programs at Irish universities in the future but found out that, in order to even be considered, the undergraduate degree needs to confer eligibility for Graduate Membership with the Psychological Society of Ireland (or, in some cases, the British Psychological Society).
There seems to be at least a possibility for non-Irish and non-UK degrees to be eligible because I see degree equivalence forms on the websites of the societies. On the other hand, one of the universities I hope to apply to directly asks in their application form whether the applicant has a degree from Ireland or the UK.

I would be very grateful if someone can answer one or all of these questions:

1. Is there an option for international Bachelor's degrees to be recognized for eligibilty with the PSI (or the BPS) or does it have to be an Irish or UK degree?

2. Independently form question 1., to be considered for admission for clinical psychology programs at Irish universities, does it have to be an Irish or UK Bachelor's degree or just the equivalent?

3. Maybe related to this... my university is unfortunately a university-college rather than a research university. This doesn't matter when it comes to graduate admissions in Canada, but I am wondering if it matters in Ireland? I do have research experience from a top Canadian research university where I work as a research assistant, but my actual degree is not from there... My degree includes all the courses usually covered in a Bachelor's degree in psychology, including Research Methods, Statistics I, and Statistics II. It also includes completing an honours thesis. As long as it includes the courses covered in degrees from research universities, does it matter whether mine is from a university-college (also called "university of applied sciences" in Europe, I think)?

Thank you!
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