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Should I take another humanities/social science subject for A-level English Lit AO5?

To “be informed with alternative interpretations”, should i take a subject like politics or psychology, or would i be fine with AO5 without?
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You'd be completely fine without. AO5 only requires you to have a general understanding of each interpretation/perspective.

A psychodynamic interpretation only requires you to have a general understanding of Freud and his theories (plenty of like 5 minute YouTube summary videos online if your teacher doesn't explain it/ you don't know what it already is).

Autobiographical interpretations don't require any understanding of other subjects. You just need to know about the author's life and apply it - your teacher should teach this.

A feminist interpretation is very easy and you probably already know how to apply it. Just look for areas of the text where women are featured/talked about and discuss how modern day feminists would see it.

Post-colonial interpretations are also easy. Just look for areas in the text where people of colour/ people who were colonise are discussed/featured and talk about how we would view this in the modern era.

Religious readings just require very basic understandings of Christianity most of the time. Just the story. of Adam and Eve, ideas about the devil, 7 sins, Christian values and Christian virtues, ect. An example of a Christian interpretation would be Prospero in The Tempest is finding redemption, forgiveness and penitence - all Christian values.

There are more, but basically, you don't NEED to take another subject solely for the point of AO5. And also, remember AO5 is also made up film/movie interpretations and critical readings/ quotes from academics! Granted, taking psychology did help me, but it really wasn't necessary whatsoever. Just take what you want, enjoy and what will get you the best grade (especially the last one - don't be afraid of taking "easy" subjects, because people who make fun of you for taking sociology won't be laughing when you get an A*, whilst they're crying trying to get an A in history. I made the mistake of not taking what was I could have gotten best in. Most unis don't even care about what options you take too, just what you get in them)

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