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I graduated from Imperial College London with a 1st in MSci geology, ask me anything

I see a lot of questions on what the best uni for geology is in the UK, and I think because it's a niche subject, students often have a lot of unanswered questions.

If you're interested in studying geology, or want to know more about the university, I'll try my best to answer as many questions as possible.

A little bit about myself:

I graduated in 2021
I've attended multiple outreach events
I'm a long term tutor with undergraduate teaching experience
I've done mentoring
All my independent writing projects and field trips were awarded a 1st class
I have 2 research experiences outside of university
I'm currently applying for planetary PhDs.

Looking forward to your questions :biggrin:
how can you get work experience or internships in planetary science? i don't have anything i can talk about on my university application
Original post by teatree21
how can you get work experience or internships in planetary science? i don't have anything i can talk about on my university application

Look for volunteering opportunities at the NHM! Every so often they will advertise some volunteering roles, but there is a long list of applicants.
You can try doing online courses from websites such as coursera or and these can really show you've taken the initiative to prepare for your courses at university!
Another thing I've seen people do (and I personally did also) is briefly mention a planetary book you are currently reading.
Remember that it is quite uncommon for students under the age of 18 to have work experience or internships related to the subject they want to study in university, but showing your passion and focus, and ability to take the initiative to push yourself is often enough!
Hey. I recently got an unconditional offer from UCL for the Msc. Geosciences program. I also have an offer from Australian National University for the Master of Earth Sciences (Advanced) program. I am very confused about which one to take. Could you please give me some clarity ?About myself:-I've graduated with a B.Sc in Geology from India, my passion lies in researching Earthquakes and to work as a seismologist. I want to study in a uni which would make my education stand out. Also, what are my chances of securing employment in the same field as my degree (i.e., Geosciences/Geology) as soon as I finish my postgrad ? And how hard/easy is it to manage the workload in UCL or any UK university as the program only lasts for 1 year and all coursework and research components have to be completed within that period?
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I’m just about to apply for the UCL Geoscience MSc, coming from a physical geography background. Any tips as to what they might be looking for. I’m about to finish with a first class honours.
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HI! could you tell me what textbook do year 1 in imperial studying geology use?
How lenient is ese imperial on near miss Alevel grade . Or did you meet anyone that is let in despite missing their offer in ese

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