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Which university course should I choose? (sorry if this is the wrong forum)

I’m really interested in history, philosophy, english and arts along with ancient Greek and Roman worlds. The obvious course choice here is classics, which sounds quite fun to me however I’m not doing latin or ancient greek gcses at the moment, and i’m also quite bad at languages (modern ones at least). I also quite like sociology, criminology and psychology, especially criminal psychology and forensic psychology.
If you're at GCSE level, you'll need to choose A-levels before uni courses.
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I don’t know which uni course to choose, and that choice is going to be my way of deciding which A levels to do.
Hi there!

When I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do after school at GCSEs, I tried looking at university courses like you but I think the person above has the right idea: it's really difficult to make up your mind when you haven't chosen your A-Levels. During your A-Levels you might even change your mind about which uni course you'd like to do so choose the A-Levels that really interest you so that no matter what course you end up applying for, you know that you've enjoyed the A-Levels and so will enjoy the uni course. Also you haven't studied any of these subjects yet so you need to know you like them before settling on a university course. It's great you're thinking ahead but you don't want to stress yourself out!
It sounds like History, Psychology and Philosophy/R.E. would be good ones for you at A-Level or maybe English Lit or a modern language. If you're interested in classical languages, French, Spanish or Italian would do you well. Obviously, I don't know what you've been studying up till now but these would keep your options very open and be able to study pretty much any humanities subject at university.
Just enjoy your last few years of school without putting too much pressure on yourself!

Best of luck!
- Daisy (Final year Spanish and Theatre student) :smile:
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