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Hello all!

I'd like to share my process from the BCS Computing Teacher Training Scholarship.

Firstly, I applied for ITT in a SCITT in 2022/23. I had been successful in securing a place around a week after applications opened in October.

I applied for the BCS Scholarship on the basis I thought I should give it a go after being recommended by my SCITT provider.

Stage 1: Online form.
This was the easy state. You simply just have to show an expression and a desire into joining teaching. During this, I simply wrote and copied similar parts of my teacher training application. I received an email a week later from the BCS with instructions for an interview.

It started as I was already studying a computing-related degree - for example, networking, computer science, software development etc. (note that Maths, Engineering etc DO NOT count, but you can still apply), that I did not need to sit an assessment/test of my knowledge. I simply was given the instructions for the interview date which took place this week. I was told to prepare a PowerPoint on how I would teach a lesson on a certain subject with lesson objectives given for a certain key stage (in this case, an HTML introduction for KS3).

Stage 2: Interview.
The interview was much more formal, stricter and less laid back than my SCITT interview. It felt very formal. These were all done remote - you had to send your lesson plan and PowerPoint via email at least 2 days beforehand. The only exclusion is that you don't need to dress up. The assessors did not care what you were wearing, so I wore a simple black t-shirt.

When I joined I was given a briefing of the two gentlemen. One was an older person who was the lead interviewer - he came across as quite strict, delving and very fetching in what he was asking.

Either way, I presented my PowerPoint and lesson. I was given quite probing questions on how and why I did certain things - I thought it was a criticism but it must have now been a way for them to see how I could adapt under pressure. They gave me around 10-15 minutes of questions. They also stated at the time that my timing was good (unbeknown to me they were timing the PowerPoint), so I was told it was bang on 20 minutes which was perfect.

Next was the standard (well that's what they said) interview questions. There were ones on safeguarding and adapting to children's needs and one on how I would personalise my lessons if I had 3 classes of year 7 with over 120 children. But then they asked ones I didn't expect - one was about a BCS and how I would fit into their membership requirements - I had to think on my feet and be honest and say I wasn't sure of how it worked etc but he explained and I showed a keen interest in joining. I was also asked about where I can see myself in 5 years - teaching, what role, where about etc. Finally, they asked me "which school do I want to work in". I said I had my placement which pleased the assessors A LOT. He then said can you instead tell me about different types of schools and why you chose your one - so I mentioned state, private, academy, free schools etc and specialism schools and explained this.

In the end, the older gentleman said you'll get feedback but don't take it to heart - I thought that was an indication. He said you'll hear after Christmas. Well, I got told I had been accepted this morning via email! No feedback though.

Happy to answer any questions anyone has!
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Congratulations. Very good to hear that you got scholarship. I applied for scholarship from Royal society of chemistry and still waiting to hear back. I hope it turns out good for me as well.
Good luck for your teacher training course.

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