dry acne?

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hello! i'm a 15 year old girl who has been suffering from acne for about a year. i do get acne mainly on my cheeks and a little bit between my 2 eyebrows above my nose.
i have been cutting A LOT of things and canceling things out which might have flared up my acne.
e.g, every time i would wash my hair, i would add hair oil. i stopped doing that as the oil might have transferred to my skin. and i also stopped putting excess moisturiser on my face too and stopped wearing makeup - especially over these holidays.

recently, i used the Carbon theory soap which contains tea tree oil, and i do think that it is drying my acne out a bit. i can tell this as when i gently touch my skin, there arent many bumps, but scabs.
however, looking in the mirror, my skin is still quite red and blotchy ???

my skin isn't bad enough to see a dermatologist so i do have to figure this out myself. (that's what my mother told me).

do you think my skin is progressing?
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Definitely, I had really severe acne that needed the dermatologist. When the acne starts to dry and scab it most often left some scarring. But you definitely have things in your favor at the moment

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