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I just wanted to get advice from as many people as I can, since I need to make a tough decision of which course I should take next year 2022/23.
I graduated uni in August with BA Korean Language&Literature, BEd Education Culture and BA Communications.

And I got accepted by:
LSE MA Media&Communication &
UCL PGCE Primary .

Initially, I am fond of teaching: I have had tons of part-time jobs related to education and in academies. I just quit job teaching primary school students English in a small academy and will be working as an English RC Publishing Company starting January. I like English and Education, but have never taught big classes of 30 or more(which makes me so nervous). Gladly I got accepted by UCL!

The point of my hesitation is that I am from Korea, and they do not accept neither PGCE nor QTS as a proper certificate for teaching students. PGCE does not even grant a masters degree, so if I fail in securing a job in the UK, my whole study abroad experience would be a total waste of time as there is nothing that I can use as part of my career development. Also, being an international student, I am afraid of whether I could get my job secured(you know, being a foreigner and an Asian whose native language is not English and stuff). I also heard primary school teachers are not much in demand in the UK as before, which makes me nervous as it might be harder for me to secure a job through much talented, competitive teachers whose native language is actually English.

With the MA M&C course, I applied because I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Most of all, my parents really think I should learn Media&Communications rather than teaching because teachers have a limit of going up in their career path, and have lack of diversity when it comes to choosing a job(e.c.: teacher training only leads to becoming a teacher and you can’t really expect your worth to rise that much compared to other jobs). It’s not that I dislike media or do not have interest in it- I am afraid because it’s been a long time since I took media courses in uni, and I haven’t had any experience regarding this particular field; I feel like I am jumping into the void. I know this course would give me more opportunities for my job selection in the future as well as a masters degree which I can actually use when I go back to Korea, but I don’t know if I could get a secure job like teaching and I don’t have much information as I have with education.

My stupid brain just goes on and on.. also thinking about settling in a foreign country alone. I would have to pay the rent, pay for the bills… with no one to help me. The whole ‘being alone without family(aka. my safety net)’ thing is already intimidating, so evntually my thoughts would end in places like ‘what can I do to live a happy life with a decent job and a decent house? Is becoming a teacher better? Or a journalist? What about the salaries? Is being a teacher worth it? I love teaching, but teachers are known for getting low salaries compared to their workload. In that case, would becoming a media graduate better?’ ….

To sum, I think I have more comfort and passion in education but it’s too much of a risk when I think of failing getting a job in the UK(and YES I am an overthinker and I always think about what I should do when I fail). And I do not know anything about teaching in the UK- I love this country and I love London but I haven’t taught more than 10 students atst and I keep asking this question: Will I be enough to teach them? Media can give me much diversity in job and I can be awarded a masters degree, but I’m intimidated coz I don’t have much confidence in the overall subject knowledge and I don’t know what I’m jumping into. I don’t see much passion in this field as education but I know I would be getting a better salary whatever I do after graduating M&C.

I need to decide my offer by the end of this year, and this thought that just keeps going on and on and on has been killing me as both courses are awfully good and rewarding.

If you have any suggestions about what I should choose, or any info about LSE M&C or UCL PGCE Primary, please do share it with me! I am literally open with all comments and advice at this point😂😭 HELP
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