Should I talk to a therapist?

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It’s weird but I think I have sexual guilt; I can’t think about sex or masturbate because I feel a sense of guilt like I shouldn’t be doing it at all even though I’m 18.

For years I was never bothered by it but since I’ve been more interested in relationships recently and talked to friends they said it wasn’t normal to not masturbate (they didn’t say it meanly but they just meant that they all masturbate) and I was shocked.

I realised an event from primary school might have caused this guilt- I experimented at a young age and the school got involved and I was told off by my parents= massive embarrassment.

Anyway- I feel the guilt might become an issue if I begin a relationship/ start dating… I hope to go to uni next year so the issue might be more difficult by then

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It's important to understand there's no pressure in anything sexual. And it seems likely that the event from primary school has stuck with you. Your parents probably shouldn't have told you off because even if you were 3 or 4 years old, touching yourself is totally normal, and that's because it feels good, even to those at a young age. I don't think it is necessary to see a therapist unless there's more that you feel contributes to the guilty feeling, however. It's impossible to say how long it will take you to stop the guilty feeling, but I can assume that as you move to uni and are away from family then you might start to explore. But if not that's fine. If it's something you want to do, then just take it slow. You don't need to finish the first time. Just slow steps and if there's constant guilt still, then simply don't do anything sexual. But if it starts taking over your thoughts and you aren't happy because you can't get a girlfriend/boyfriend then i suggest that's when you should start to consider talking to a professional
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I think you should wait until you feel comfortable and not force yourself into any sexual situations. I felt the same way at 18 too. You can still find a relationship, just with someone who actually cares about you and won't push you into sexual things that you aren't ready for yet. Being in a loving relationship helped me overcome this, being with someone who puts absolutely not pressure on me and doesn't rush me in any way, just simply waited with me and loved me until we we're older and both feeling ready.

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