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Accommodation differences

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I could get some help with some accommodation.

Does anyone know which place in student village is better in endcliffe - endcliffe vale flats or endcliffe avenue/crescent houses. Are the houses for second years? just a bit confused about what the differences are between them.

Thank you!
Hi @hanbobanan,

Great to hear you are interested in Sheffield and looking into accommodation!

I stayed in Ranmoor in my first year but thought I might be able to provide some guidance from a search of the Accomodation websites.

Endcliffe Vale flats are self catered individual rooms with shared bathrooms and are for undergraduate students usually in first year. This is a typical student hall option which includes all bills, wifi and security etc. A lot of the other options in Endcliffe also offer ensuite bathrooms if this is something you would prefer, however shared bathroom accommodation will make the rent for the year cheaper.

Endcliffe Avenue/Crescent Houses are houses with individual rooms within the house. This is usually for people who dont want to live in typical university accommodation, but also potentially dont want to live in private housing run by private landlords in their first year. The houses are shared with a number of other students and offer the sense of independent living in a house provides. The houses offer the same amenities and added benefits of typical student halls such as access to residence life activities, on site security provisions and all year round included bills and wifi. Here is the link where you can watch a virtual tour -

So if you are looking for house experience rather than student halls these houses could be an option for you. It will just depend on your preference for halls or a house.

I hope this helps! Do you have any other questions about accommodation or University of Sheffield in general?

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Hi I am looking for post grad accommodation in sheffield for september 22 til september 23. There are two of us so far looking for two more! around the crookes/crookesmoor area :smile:

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