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How to use anki to revise for science a levels.


I am currently taking biology and chemistry. The way I like to revise is by reading through the textbook and then making questions on it in Anki. That is fine but the thing I am struggling on tackling is when a topic comes that I cannot write in Anki because personally, I don't like to write stuff like how to solve an equation or something that does not relate to learning facts in Anki. For example, I don't like to write - how to work out the empirical formula, moles, and ionic equations on anki. I have tried using a notebook to write the things I don't like writing on Anki but I get flustered as it is not all in one place. Any tips, sorry if i am a bit all over the place
Hi! I personally used to use quizlet instead so can’t really talk about anki but I used to find chem calculation exam questions (the same style questions usually come up in every paper) then write the question and answer and every time that flash card came up i’d do the question.
Similarly for organic chem synthesis, i found just writing the pathway and then the reagents/conditions needed (eg. haloalkane —> nitrile = NaCN )
Hope this somewhat helps :smile:

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