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I answered Q2 and 3 from here, can somebody please give me a mark and feedback?

My answers :

2. the wind is described to come in “gusts” this creates a really harsh and violent imagery and emphasises the “swaying and trembling of the coach.” Furthermore the horses are described as being broken by the wind” this illustrates the severity of the harsh weather and creates a sense of discomfort; The author villanises the weather by describing how it’s impact on the horses is worse than the whip inbetween the numb fingers of the driver.” This puts emphasis on the pain the animals and driver feel and the adjective “numb” amplifies it as it suggests that the cold is so malevolent and painful that it has numbed the fingers of the driver. By portraying the weather as the villain the author allows the reader to sympathise with the characters. However it could also be interpreted that pathetic fallacy is used in this section of the text as the harshness of the weather may suggest and mirror the harshness of the driver towards the “dispirited horses” and the rain may reflect the misery of the “sullen” horses, this could be to create an ominous atmosphere and allow the reader to foreshadow that the driver is the antagonist.

3. The text is structured in paragraphs which change as the focus of the story changes. The text begins with a description of the coldness and misery of winter which sets the scene and creates an ominous atmosphere as it suggests that something bad will happen. The reader wants to read on to discover whether the foreshadowing is correct.

In the middle of the extract the focus of the story shifts to the passengers and it becomes clear that the author has used the bad weather as pathetic fallacy to mirror the discomfort of the passengers. The wind leads to the coach swaying like a drunken man” and the roof of the coach has a hole allowing droplets of rain in and disturbing their journey. The author specifically focuses on an old man who’s portrayed as impatient however the lady next to him is described to wink and eat cake which creates a comedic mood, this confuses the reader as it isn’t sure what genre of story it is; the lightheartedness of the lady’s actions create juxtaposition as they contrast the previous heaviness of the introduction and grumpiness of the man.

At the end we’re introduced to another character and this is a character who’s name is specified, this suggests that she may be the protagonist. This creates a sense of ambiguity as it makes the reader wonder whether the previous characters are irrelevant and if not, what their link is to “Mary”, thus interesting the reader.

Furthermore, the shift of focus progresses quite slowly and it is a long way from the beginning to the end, this slowness builds up tension and mystery making the story interesting.
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