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St John's Ox Competitiveness

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Oxford goes to great lengths to ensure that the colleges are at the same level. That means that you're not any less likely to get in having applied to St Johns than to any other college - it just means you're less likely to end up at the college you applied to. More than 1 in 3 of Oxford undergraduates aren't at the college they applied to. It's not just something which happens with a few super-popular colleges (though obviously it happens more with the colleges that get more applicants just because that's how statistics work).
Original post by slay3r
Hi all, Initially I applied to St Johns because I really liked their gardens but I got pooled to St Benets for an interview. It went well and I am really glad to be given a shot at all but I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the competitiveness of St Johns? Last year only 6% of applicants got offers, even lower than Magdalen! A friend who is a current PPE undergrad said that applying to St John's is essentially pointless because they get so many applications that they toss aside some for pooling before even reviewing them .

This kind of makes sense? I have 13 9s in GCSEs, 4 A* predictions in Maths, Further Maths, History and Physics and loads of relevant supercurriculars. In terms of TSA, I usually do quite well in it - in all my mocks I have got top scores. Obviously I'm really happy taht I was given an intervieew but if I had known St John's admissions was so ruthless, i would have applied to a slightly less competitive college for PPE thats still quite large.

Hi, PPE undergrad here. It is certainly true that you are giving yourself an unnecessarily hard time if you apply to St Johns, Magdalen or Balliol for PPE. If youre good enough you will get in but not necessarily to the college you have chosen if it is oversubscribed, even if you are amazing. So I would say don't apply to the most competitive colleges if you don't want to get pooled to the tiny colleges that loads of people don't apply for. also, I get applying to magdalen and balliol but why johns lol?? Its one of the worst colleges for PPE

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