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oh my lord help

so i’m in year 13 and we had to write a 2,200 words (excluding quotes) comparative essay between a choice of three novels and corresponding poetry/a poet.

i have done the main paragraphs, but i have yet to write the introduction and conclusion and i have over 1,000 words to cut out. honestly, probably way more than 1,000 words due to the fact i haven’t done the intro/conclusion.

i have no idea what i’m asking help for.

maybe how to write a short introduction or conclusion?

maybe someone to recommend what to cut out?

i also have to revise for my mock exam tomorrow so i’m very much screwed.

edit: i also still need to write my bibliography oh god.
(edited 2 years ago)
idk if you still need this but just for the future:
-introduce the points you're going to make in the intro
-round up your main points in the conclusion but dont introduce new ones
-and uhhh dont waffle ig

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