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Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hi, so im trying to keep as many doors open as possible so i want to look for a apprenticeship in-case i decide not to go to University.

I am currently in Year 13 studying Geography, Business & Psychology. My favourite would be geography and that is what i would be doing at University, but i would also like to mix with business such as trade, human geogrpahy, and business sustainability.

Im just wondering if apprenticeships even exist for what im interested in such as for sustainability and the environment or if they simply don't do apprenticeships for this subject area.

Please give me any info you have, it will all be appreciated!
Go on the government website:

You can put in your postcode and see what's available in your area. If you use the 'browse' function, you can look at all the apprenticeships available in different sectors, for example "construction, planning and the built environment" is one category on there. So just have a look at what's out there. I found my apprenticeship through this browse function and ended up getting a job in a field I hadn't anticipated because of it.

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