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A2 Geo Edexcel 6M - Explain how the hydrological cycle operates as a closed system.

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The hydrological cycle is a closed system and matter and energy transferred through means within the cycle. None is lost to the any external environment.

Water moves between the different stores via different flows. Precipitation acts as the main input into the water cycle. Thereafter water may move in several different pathways, to eventually be condensed the back into the clouds to repeat the process.

One pathway is when water is intercepted by vegetation, to be used for functions - such as photosynthesis - within the plant. This is either released into the atmosphere by transpiration or the plant is eaten and the water content is taken to the ground after the animals death, where it'll eventually return to Ocean and evaporate to be re-condensed.

Another pathway is via surface runoff. Wood will run straight off into lakes and Rivers, to be taken to the ocean or be absorbed into the ground and stored in the soil via infiltration, percolation, throughflow and groundwater flow.

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