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Anyone know what topics/questions are there for Psychology A level paper 2 2020 ( research methods, Biopsychology and approaches)
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paper 2 :

approaches :
- 16marker operant conditioning
- one strength & one limitation of psychodynamic approach
- maslows hierarchy of needs

- 4 marker synaptic transmission
- 4 marker on difference/similarity of fMRI & ERP
- 8 marker on outline and evaluation of split brain research

research methods
- why it’s appropriate to chose scattergraph
- what is meant by meta analysis
- why a directional hypothesis is appropriate
- explaining distribution from a table
- 12 mrker on creating an observation for pupils interaction on playground. these are the bullet points you have to write about :

type of observation, with justification
choice of time sampling or event sampling, with justification
dealing with one relevant ethical issue
assessing reliability of the data through inter-observer reliability.
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How many 16 markers are there on the paper? And which topics are they on like Approaches and Debates or Biopsychology or schrizophrenia? Thanks

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