Stuck! Psychology at sheffield, Edu w/ psych at Bath or Childhood and Psych at Ports?

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I am very stuck deciding between basic psychology at Sheffield, Education with Psyhcology at Bath and Childhood and Youth studies with psychology at Portsmouth.
The problem is I get so much mixed information about them all so I am very confused.
Sheffield: I like the course, LOVE the third year but not so much the idea of research methods in 2 and 2; however I am unsure whether to do basic psychology as I know I want to work with children in a psychological way, however cheaper accommodation and apparently good city life but it is kinda far away. I haven't visited this yet tho; this is accerdited.
Bath: I also like the course as it is more tailored to children, however not about children, because by the looks of it it has decent amount of psych, and some about childhood, and the education system. But its not BPS accredited which would be useful. LOVE the city and like the campus feel but its so expensive and the uni accom honestly looks so bad. Plus some people say you'll get bored there as its small, but others say they love their uni experience.
Portmouth: First one I looked at, I LOVE THE LOCATION the beach and the accommodation is soooo beautiful I loved it the most. The life doesn't sound to expensive and sounds like a lot to do. The city doesn't visually look as nice as Bath. Also not sure if I want campus or city uni. But the course kinda sounds the furthest away from psychology and I still want a strong amount of psychology in my course not just childhood; this course isn't accredited eiter. The teachers seemed nice but strange. Also the fact the reputation isn't as good, and the low entry requirements worry me that this is reflective of the quality.
Any help of people opinions of the places or the unis, and the societies and opportunities to make friends or even the course if you know anything thankyou!!
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