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Highest paying UK jobs with an Oxford maths degree

I'm currently studying Maths at Oxford and have always had the vision of going into investment banking giving its relation to Maths (my favourite subject) and the pay.
But the extremely long hours and stress are starting to put me off the idea.
What are the other highest paying UK jobs that you could apply for with a Maths degree, without the extremely long hours and stress of investment banking?
I don't think I'd mind working up to perhaps 10hrs/day, so could there also be any other parts of the banking industry which don't have longer hours than this (on average)?
Could anyone also please tell me what the average hrs/day are for an investment banker, as I've only really been able to read what it's like in the US?
be a quant they get paid loads
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What relation do you think Investment Banking has to Maths OP? You seem to be sorely misinformed about industry aside from the long hours. Set aside any grand ideas about using your Combinatorics and Information Theory and instead, think M&A and raising capital (soft skills) and long nights (80 hr weeks) on Excel and PP formatting some text.

I know firsthand that Oxford has an excellent careers service, go and arrange a meeting with one of their advisors, but I implore you to do a basic Google search and read some job descriptions on Investopedia first. I’ll get you started, you can look up Private Equity, Risk, Financial Modelling, Quant Analyst, Hedge Funds, FX Trading, Asset and Fund/Portfolio Management, Wealth Management, Data Engineer (programming language such as Python), Commodity Trading, and a whole bunch of other trading jobs.

Not all jobs in finance have Investment Banking hours, do avoid Trading and PE if you do not like stress. Most Quants I meet nowadays have PhDs, since you actually have the skill set for it as an Oxford Maths grad, you should consider it. It’s not client-facing, the pay is very good, you can easily transfer offices (move to the States or wherever, Quants are always in demand), and you work normal hours. If you’re aiming for a grad scheme at any of the top firms in Industry like a BB bank and Fidelity and Lazard, you will need some experience such as a SA position and internship. Again, go speak to your careers service.
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I'd be interested to know if you made any decisions on this. I'm also doing maths at Oxford so am in a similar position because I don't know what job I want to do

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