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How do I revise English Literature a level?

I have no notes so how do I learn/revise in 5 months
For plays I make a list on google docs of the key quotes for each act and then I print them off and analyse them. It helps with analysis skills, as well as memorising quotes and linking them together with other aspects of the play/ themes etc.

Hope this helps :smile:
make notes from now!! whenever we finish a book or are halfway done with a book i immediately start with making notes. make sure your notes have context, themes, characters, quotes, critical interpretation (if ur getting assessed on this) symbols & motifs, setting, etc. then learn as many quotes as you can for each character and theme however this may differ from paper to paper as i know in my drama paper i can have a question about a character or a theme but in my prose paper it’s comparing two texts about a specific theme like “hope” or “death”. after you learned the content and memorised quotes and such, use the blurting technique so write down everything you know about the theme/character on a whiteboard/paper to see if you really remembered everything. if you haven’t and there are still some gaps then go over it again and memorise. then apply the knowledge you have learnt for different past paper questions, because in the exam you don’t know what question it’s going to be so it’s useful that you can learn lots of different quotes that can be applied to a range of questions. also make essay plans which goes with what i said previously but make them not too detailed as it will take up too much time but include brief points. you can also do this under timed conditions so it will replicate the real thing, give yourself 15 mins to plan and if you’re struggling then you know you should go over it again!

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