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University of Oxford 2022 Applicants Official Thread II

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University of Oxford 2022 Applicants
This is part two of the Oxford applicants thread
(Praise be to Oxford Mum and Nevarty)

Tell us about yourself

Subject applying for ~
College applying to ~
A Levels/ equiv taking ~
Additional qualifications (if any) -
Predicted/ Achieved grades (A level/ eq)~
Achieved GCSE/ equiv grades ~
Why Oxford? ~
Why that college? (if you know why) ~
State/Private/Grammar/Home ~

Peace and love to all and hope you are all staying safe out there! <3

Mod note: The forms and documents in this thread are not managed or operated by The Student Room, and are set up by members of the community. Please do take this into account when entering your details into this form. All data you share is at your own risk. If you have any questions, please come and talk to us in Ask The Community Staff.

SHORTLISTING DATES - Once you have received an interview decision please fill out the following form. To view others' responses see the second link - thank you :smile:

Please note submissions will be checked and any seemed to be false will be removed

Google form:

Spreadsheet to view responses:

Interview Self Assessment form is now available:

Please fill this form out once ALL of your interviews are over.

This year, you are able to score each of your interviews separately and note the college you were interviewed at. We have gone up to 6 interviews just in case you are interviewed at 3/4 colleges! If anyone has more let @azby1098 know and they'll add it to the form to cater.

On 12 Jan when final decisions are released, they will open the spreadsheet for editing so that you can state if you received an offer or not to compare your predictions to reality!

The spreadsheet to see responses is below:
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List of Oxford course and college threads is here:
Reply 2
Hello all, is there a Somerville offer holder thread at all?
(edited 2 years ago)
Hi everyone~
Are there any St Hugh’s?
(edited 2 years ago)
Hi all! Could any Wadham or Oriental Studies offer holders pm me, I'd love to get in touch.
Just been rejected from Christ Church for French lol.
Original post by jessielws
Any chemistry discord or group chats?

I'm chemistry too!
hi everyone! anyone here got an offer from worcester and want to get in touch? i got an offer for classics this morning!!
Reply 8
Hi all! I got an offer for English at St Anne’s this morning, would anyone else with an offer for St Anne’s like to get in touch??
Anyone else doing opportunity oxford? Specifically for law?
Reply 10
Hi! I received my offer for HistPol at Merton a couple hours ago and I’m so excited!!! I’m an international so I’ve never spoken much on this thread
(edited 2 years ago)
Wadham psych anyone?
Any Human Scientists?
Reply 13
Original post by edenkilgour
I’m at Somerville too! what course are you on? :smile:

Hey I'm doing philosophy and linguistics! Wbu?
Original post by _Kestrel_
Anyone else doing opportunity oxford? Specifically for law?

I'm doing Opportunity Oxford for English Lit!
Anyone Mansfield or geography?!
Reply 16
Original post by _Kestrel_
Anyone else doing opportunity oxford? Specifically for law?

Yes but Phys
Any Pembroke English offer holders? :smile:
Original post by scarlettoc
Any Pembroke English offer holders? :smile:

I have an offer for English and italian at Pembroke!
Original post by revert2
I'm doing Opportunity Oxford for English Lit!

Yay! Are you looking forward to it? It seems like a nice was to ease us in, but I am also a little nervous. Ofc gotta get the grades first!!

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