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I feel like this is gonna be long, sorry in advance. I bet no one answers after all of this lmao.

So idk if I'm being dumb but how do you guys travel to go to the shops/town centre etc. And PSA I obviously have to state beforehand I can't walk for long periods of time due to a disability before people call me lazy.

I'm currently researching unis and I'm finding it really hard to narrow them down. As I'm the type of weird human who has to research absolutely e v e r y t h i n g, I'm literally comparing everything inc. time it takes to walk to different shops/restaurants. All of the unis I've been looking at, and it's quite a lot rn, are miles away from the town centre.


Uni of Essex (Colchester campus) - 15 min walk to the nearest Tescos, and all other supermarkets are miles away. McDonalds, Spoons, Nandos etc. all a 10 min DRIVE, so couldn't really walk.

Loughborough uni - 15-20 min walk to nearest supermarkets, 15 min walk to food shops.

Uni of Southampton - Nearest supermarket is a Sainsburys which is 10 min walk. McDonalds 15 min walk. Other food places you need to drive.

Now I'm not saying 10-20 min walks are super long, I can manage them I'll just be in pain lol. I just wouldn't wanna go for example, 15 min walk to the shops in the morning, lug all my shopping back for 15 mins. Go out for lunch 20 mins down the road for an hour, 20 mins walk back. Night out 30 mins down the road. Taxi back obviously. I'm more confused about how people go shopping then get all their bags of stuff back to their uni.

Idk if I'm being stupid but do people get Ubers or something whenever they want to go to Tescos? I can understand group Ubers if you wanna go for a night out or for a meal at Nandos or whatever, but all the unis I'm looking at wouldn't allow me to go grab a quick McDonalds or anything because I'd be walking for 30 mins there and back. Or are there bus services? Doesn't that cost a lot of money?

Pls don't call me dumb I know I am, I just stress about stupid things. It's annoying unis don't let you bring your car because then I wouldn't have a problem lol.

Or does anyone know of any unis that have really good locations in terms of shops and food places? The only one I know of at the moment is Stockbridge Halls at Chichester, which literally has that shopping place on its doorstep. Although it's like a 25 min walk to campus which I wouldn't wanna do.

Also I should probably mention I'm not really 100% comfortable with Ubers as I had a bad experience with one (I am female). Same with public transport. But I could deal with that.

So yeah TLDR how do people travel at uni to go shops and stuff ;(
I used to walk because the food shops and the town centre were on my way back to halls usually I'd borrow a trolley if I was doing a big shop (I'd obviously bring it back in the end) and the centre of Southampton was also very close (I was at Solent). If you go to Southampton get Mayflower Halls They are right in the centre of town very close to a big Asda 5 min walk and a 4 minute walk to the bus stop for the U1 bus to uni it fairly reasonable for a bus pass. they are also quite regular. the main shopping centre is called west Quay and that's a 8 min walk or a bus can take you to above bar street directly from outside the halls which would be a 2 min walk. does that help.
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I lived in Whitworth Park in Manchester for my first year. Not the greatest accommodation but the location was amazing. McDonalds, Subway, Dominoes, Morrison, Sainsbury, Some kebab takeaway and 2 pubs were literally outside your doorstep. (Im talking less than 2 minutes walk, even 1 minute). But if that wasn't enough for you, Lidl, Tesco was less than 15 minutes away and the entirety of curry mile is to your right (a mile or a bit less of asian supermarkets and restaurants).

To the left, my uni building was like 5 minutes away, and the main shopping place was further along. I've lived in a few different locations since, but nothing comes close to the amount of places close by than in my first year.
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