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Exeter College offer holders 2022

hiya! just wanted to make a thread for everyone who’s received an offer for exeter college next year- it would be so nice to meet you all!
Original post by Jackbray
Hi Ive received a place for Exeter college on October 2022. Is this what you mean? Also wanna make a WhatsApp group or smith when more people come on?

is exeter your firm choice?
Hi guys! I’ll be at Exeter college for English Lang and lit :smile:
hiya! I’ll be at Exeter studying earth sciences 🤗
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Hi guys - I got an offer for Spanish and Beginners’ Italian :smile:
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ahhh hello! i’m studying classics and english :smile:
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I got an offer for engineering at Exeter!
I got an offer for physics
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Hi, I got an offer for Classics :smile:
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Looks like I'm a few weeks late seeing this thread, congrats on the offers lads! One for PPE here, can't wait to meet you all in October
Does Exeter mean university of Exeter pls? If not, anyone know where is the thread for University of Exeter?

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