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I have been invited to a PGCE Interview at Warwick for Primary. I have been trying my best to prepare, I was just wondering if anyone else might have done the Warwick interview and would know what I should expect.

I know there will be a presentation on a book and a longer interview. Also, the only slots available at the moment are online, so its also a bit worrying to not be there in person.

Any advice you may have would be really useful!

Get into Teaching
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Hello Beveyo

Well done and many congratulations on your invite to interview!

All institutions have their own requirements and so once you receive an invite to interview, but often they will want you to have answers for the following types of questions -

1. How would you ensure the welfare of your students?
2. Think of a poor teaching lesson you have observed - how could you have improved it?
3. How would you make your subject interesting to less able pupils?
4. How would you deal with an extremely disruptive pupil in one of your lessons?
5. What makes a good lesson?
6. Think about a teacher who influenced you positively – what was special about them?
7. What worries you about teaching?
8. How can you use the skills you have used in your previous employment to help you in your role as a teacher?
9. Can you pick a current educational issue and tell me a bit more about this?
10. How would you ensure that you respect and include people from all different backgrounds?

When thinking of the answers to the questions in the formal interview, I recommend that you persistently refer to any time spent in a school. This will highlight your knowledge of the day to day working of a school environment and allow you to demonstrate your reflective and analytical ability. Examples to think of should include good practice of classroom/behaviour management, having high expectations of students, monitoring the progress of learning and provide equal opportunities for students to access the curriculum.

Do you have a Get into Teaching Adviser? They can help you to prepare for the interview more specifically. You may get an adviser here.

All the very best


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