Can’t leave Unite Students uni halls,GP note & counsellor letter on mental health

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In a contract with unite students, booked through them directly back in September 2021 contract runs until mid July 2022, was mislead information verbally that there would be 2/3rd years in my block & flat, I’m not in a suitable flat as for reasons such as the social aspect & not being 2/3rd years, moving to another flat is the same principle as it’s all 1st year students & to other accomodation owned by Unite students also the same principle, have had longer term anxiety, worrying etc, have online counselling sessions & went to Unite before the turn of the year to try and exit contract they said no have to leave the uni & have GP note to say leaving, was left for a month or so, situation and mental health deteriorating, went back to online counsellor for sessions & she wrote me a 2nd supporting letter, also went to the registered Uni GP who wrote me a supporting note, supporting that the situation in halls is a financial strain adding to my anxiety and stress on top of studying, whilst being unemployed as a student, the loud first years and moving into a shared house with a friend who knows and can support myself, went back to unite students who again have declined.

I’m trying to move into a shared house to avoid having to leave education and not gaining a degree, with a GP note I thought this would be enough, on health conditions I’m failing to understand why they’re declining, first time round with just the counsellor note maybe, but with the GP note as well it bewilders me,

Can anyone help?
Read the T&C’s says no where about a break clause or anything, does mention leaving the contract early submit in writing but says subject to clauses bur doesn’t state these anywhere

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