Experience And Applying For An MSc Biomedical Science

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Hey Guys;

I am looking to apply to a MSc in Biomedical Science this year (hoping to put my application in in the next week or two) and am currently writing my personal statement.

I’ve been working in the NHS for the last year (same trust and hospital), breakdown as seen below;

Jan - June = Medical Lab Assistant
June Onwards = Associate Practitioner (applied for a promotion and got accepted).

I just need to ask, as I’ve been working in a diagnostic lab for the last year, how much would you say my experience should take up in my personal statement as currently, I would say it is somewhere between 40 and 50%. Is this too much?

Also, technically I was a Medical Lab Assistant from March as the Lab I was working in didn’t actually open until March, despite my contract stating I began working in January as I was essentially paid for 6 weeks to sit on my ass and do sweet FA until the lab officially opened.

Would this make a difference in my application with regards to length of time/would I be looked at less favourably?
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