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I was wondering which durham college has the most private school kids in it. How is the overall vibe at durham ?
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I don’t go to durham but I have visited both my boyfriend and family there and I’d say that hatfield definitely has the most private school people in. My boyfriend’s in van mildert and during freshers some people at hatfield laughed at the fact they were in van mildert. Castle also has a lot of private school people as well but it’s not as cliquey as hatfield. I’d say if you’re looking for a more liberal and relaxed college I would go with any of the self catered colleges - JB, stevo, south, cuths, John snow or any hill college tbh. The people I’ve met from there are quite chill. Obviously not matter what college you are in you will get people that think boris johnson is the greatest person alive, but a lot of people are quite respectful of other peoples opinion. Fyi if you are wanting good food I would probably say go self catered bc some of the food I’ve seen anyway doesn’t look that great at all - it can be really hit and miss

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