Can you start the second SF stem degree during placement year of first degree

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Hi, I am currently studying on Engineering with Product Design Undergraduate course. I previously gained a Certificate of Higher Education in Engineering at The Open University. I want to do an engineering and computer science masters and so was planning on converting my Open University modules onto their computer science and electrical engineering undergrad degree. I would study the top up modules around quieter times of my main degree, such as during the summer and the placement year. The Open University modules would have to be self funded but that's where my question comes in. Is there anything in the rules of the second stem degree loan that says it must take place AFTER completion of the first degree? If so, would I perhaps get around this and be able to get funding during my placement year? Or must my degree be entirely finished before they will assist with finance? I will likely still have a few modules left to complete when my main degree finishes but as I have already done the first year, I doubt there will be much left to get any funding for. Thanks,Grace

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