Does he like me or is he playing me?

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Met this guy on hinge but I know him locally. I haven’t liked a guy since my ex so I’m usually okay talking to guys as I’m in control, don’t get hurt. This time I really like this guy, he ticks all the boxes. He first took me out on a posh date and we’ve been seeing each other about once a week since for the last 2 months. He met my family and was really concerned if they liked him, which is a good sign. I want to start seeing him more but when I ask he seems to say “I’ll see if I’m off out with mates then let you know”. I made a comment today saying “your meant to want to see me not just use me as a last option if your mates are busy”. He then replied “im not using you at all but I’m off out with mates anyway so won’t ‘use’ you. This is the first time he’s been like this and it’s upset me. I don’t know if he wants something more or casual. When I ask him he says “ it’s early days but I’m open”.
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Always trust your gut instinct and listen to what your common sense is telling you.
It sounds like he is only looking for some casual dating or a hookup arrangement for when his mates are busy and he is bored.
Plenty more compatible single guys in the dating sea who are looking for a relationship and will want to get to know you.
Good luck!

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