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A level geography NEA ideas/help

Hi, I am a bit stuck with what to choose for my NEA topic. I want it to be based around a physical topic as I really enjoyed coastal landscapes, earths life support systems and climate change. I came up with some ideas already but as I always write a lot and because I came up with ideas to do with the pandemic and climate change that were a bit too big my teacher advised me to narrow them down a bit.
I've come up with a question idea, but I am not sure how good it is so any feedback would be very much appreciated :smile:)
My question/idea is 'how much life does 1m squared of mudflats support in the pagham harbour saltmarsh?'. I havestudied saltmarshes as a depositional landform and I am really fascinated by them so I know I will find this topic interesting. It is as narrow as my teacher suggested whilst also giving me lots of room to investigate. I thought I could measure how many invertebrates there are in that area using a quadrat I have at home and then present this primary data in my essay. I could also state how these are the staple diet of wading birds and perhaps do a bird count in a given area to see how many were feeding on invertebrates or use secondary data from the nature reserve. I could also count the numbers of mudflat grass and plants in that area and state how they then contribute to the area e.g. provide habitat as well as food and nesting material for other birds (I would be specific). I could also count how many nests etc. in a 10m area or something like that or use more secondary data. Does anyone think this is a good idea?
(I thought I would explain my ideas a lot so you know where I am coming from:smile: )
Hi, I’m acc in year 13 and it seems like a solid idea I think so as long as your teacher agrees to it, you can do it. Lol I did infiltration rates but this seems more fun. Maybe if you want you can compare it to another site that’s in a similar area but urbanised. In that case your question could be how far does urbanisation impact biodiversity or something like that. Or you could do like a transect from the edge is the salt marsh to a nearby town if that’s possible but I’m not sure how viable this would be. You can talk about species richness etc but idk speak to your teacher and see what it is you’re actually going to investigate on your trip because for ours I don’t think we were allowed quite so close to the salt marshes, maybe just to the edges.
But yah like I said your teacher is the most important person here, they’ve done this before so they know what a good question is.
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