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I’ve been trying to become healthier and I had lost around 8kg and was finally developing better eating habits but recently I’ve been feeling excess hungry and I end up eating Over my maintainence calories and binge eating on sugar
I’ll over consume and eat until I feel sick and since starting uni, I don’t get a chance to eat when I go to uni because I commute and get home in the evenings and then I end up binge eating
I feel so unhappy and don’t know how to stop
My family buy food from getir because there’s discounts and then I end up eating so badly
I feel like I don’t know who to talk to and I just want to be healthier but seem so out of control with my eating
I’m starting to think it’s because of eating in a calorie deficit for such a long time but that was the only way I was losing weight
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Hello😊 First of all I hope you’re okay and try not to beat yourself up!
I only have my own experience and some basic knowledge as I work in mental health so I would say the following.. Eating in a deficit or reducing your calories can lead to binge behaviour, particularly if food as used as a kind of coping mechanism (which is very common!).
I would suggest making smaller reductions to your calorie needs each day. Some people will will eat a diet of less than 1500 calories a day to lose weight for example.. this can be an unrealistic number for some people depending on lifestyle, height, current weight etc etc. So realistically to lose weight in a healthy way and to feel healthier overall - reduce your calories in a very realistic way (perhaps start with 200 calories a day) and try to move your body in any way that is right for you! Could be walking, the gym, dancing whatever… just be good to your body because it the only one you have!

In terms of not eating all day because of uni - I know you already know this but this habit only encourages your body to try and get as many calories in as it can in one sitting when it finally gets the chance. Try if you can to bring some snacks/meals for the day - even a few pieces of fruit or a sandwich, anything to fuel yourself during the day a your body isn’t in survival mode later on and hunting for as much food as poss!

If you need more support for binge behaviour please know there is counselling support out there to help. Also, losing weight shouldn’t be the single and biggest goal - focus on how you feel, how your health shows etc…

Take care!
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Last note - weight loss should be gradual not sudden. I know it feels great to see the scale go down when you’re in a huge calorie deficit but it is in no way realistic and you cannot eat that way forever. Hence why reduce by small amounts and allow your body to remain healthy and get what it needs

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