dead line for a level exam?

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so i'm in year 13. my teacher said he has 1 week to decide whether he will apply me for the exam or not, like that's the "deadline". obviously i had no idea they had to apply us into the exam or anything, so now i'm panicking since i haven't been doing so good in class lately. but i was wondering is this actually the deadline or is he just trying to make me panic? like if he decides in one week time that i can't do the a level, is it over for me? or can i still try to convince him, or do my exam elsewhere. i really need this a level and i'm stressing out. just wondering when the actual deadline to enter into an edxecel exam is
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I will be honest I do not know for sure, and being a Scottish student I never sat A-Levels so do not know how they operate in particular though I believe there are various exam boards with their own guidance/regulations.

However, this does not matter too much, as I would say that in principle (whether or not there is an actual deadline) your teacher could decide to not put you forward as a candidate (ordinarily there would be specific grounds/reasons as to what might justify this set by the school or a relevant authority though). I would be cautious about asking whether or not Edxecel's deadline is next week, as it probably isn't. Schools have a lot of students, and exams are a core part of what they do, like with UCAS Personal Statement's it is common for schools to set their own internal deadlines to get things sorted out. After all, they are categorically not going to be submitting whatever they need to submit the day before the deadline as this would be risky. Just like it would be impractical/dangerous to allow all students to submit their personal statements for review by a school teacher right before the deadline, as there would be not enough time to review all of them if everyone submitted them then, and it's just kind of risky and irresponsible.

If your teacher is saying this now, I wouldn't question whether or not they are bluffing and I would instead focus on doing what you can this week to ensure that bluff or not that they will put you forward for the exam. I feel like if you do whatever you can to demonstate you should be put forward as a candidate then that's all you can do, just try your best from now on and the rest is kind of out of your control.
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