Old best friend hasn't contacted me for months and now asks for my help

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TL;DR: title + last paragraph

We were friends for about ten years until the last two years of high school, where he went to another high school and we lost touch.
In these last two years I was always the one who started the conversations on whatsapp until I stopped trying half a year ago, we have not spoken since then.
We had planned to create an indie video game where he would do the art and I would program, I always told him to meet up to start doing it but we never got anywhere.
Today he started a conversation super excited telling me that when we started making the video game and when I told him that I had already abandoned that plan he started saying things like "Why do you think I chose an arts high school" or "You are betraying me!" and "My whole plan for the future has gone to waste"

I'm not interested in programming anymore and it hurt me a lot that we stopped talking (I've always had difficulties making friends and he was one of the few I had), I had already turned the page so I don't know what to tell him.
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Well you can tell him your reason for not wanting to do it game again and how you have lost interest but try to encourage him to do it by it self or to find someone else.
Also I know that this isn't part of your question but try to tell him about the last two years and you felt that he wasn't doing well as a friend.(I'm not sure how to explain it but I hope you get what I'm trying to say).

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