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- [ ] How to take pre-lecture notes and prepare for in person lectures???!!

Hey guys. Hope you’re all good. I’m trying to understand what the different ways I could approach preparing for in-person law lectures would be. Since I started uni in September last year, I’ve had online classes because of the pandemic and now that that’s changing I’m really overwhelmed and stressed out.

How do I know what to focus on in terms of note taking before, during and after the lecture? How do you make your notes? (I generally find mind maps useful but I’m unsure how to do this during an in person lecture).

Also, I know this was a thread about lectures, but any advice about studying Law in general and effective note taking methods and systems people have found useful would be really helpful too, as I’m struggling so much with keeping up with everything and finding an effective note taking method 😣.

Any help or advice would be very useful.

Thanks so much in advance and take care guys x
Be pro-active. Look at the syllabus/ module outline for each module and get the recommended texts. Read up on the topic in advance of the lecture so that you become familiar with some of the core concepts or themes for the lecture. You can always simply record the lecture (officially you should ask permission from the teacher). Then you can replay the lecuture to ensure you have picked up the main points.

Click HERE to see a module outline on the topic of 'negligence law' from Edinburgh University. The module outline tells you what you will cover in each week's lecture so you can get ahead by reading up on that topic prior to the lecture:

week 1- Introduction: the evolution of the law of negligence and convergence with English Law

week 2 - Duty of care
week 3 - Standard of care
week 4 - Causation
week 5 - Defences
week 6 - Liability for psychiatric harm
week 7 - Liability for pure economic loss
week 8 - Liability of public authorities
week 9 - Negligent nuisance
week 10 - Vicarious liability

If you are not that organised then you at least know what topic was covered each week and can do your background reading after the lecture.

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