Student Finance Help: pension and own working conditions.

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Hey guys, I’m applying for 2022/23 student finance when the deadlines open and I’ve got a few queries.

I live with my mum, but my dad still financially helps us. That being said, my dad is retired and receives pension. He doesn’t live with us but is around. My mum works.
How do I go about declaring pension on student finance? Does it make any difference.

I’ve also been working for the last 3 years (slightly older student) but obviously as I’m going to uni full time I won’t be working my full time job? Do I still declare my income for the past year? I won’t be getting that money when I start studying so how do I go about that. I have savings but they are savings for when I graduate that I want to keep as savings.

Very confused, need help. Thank you!

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