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family health/ struggles- urgent

not too long ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. we r all spread around the globe in the fam so its very hard for us to help each other often. my moms always been a very strong and brave woman and i feel like life failed her so many times in so many ways.
she recently beat cancer but started experiencing severe back pain after booster dose. we all thought it was muscular pain or due to vaccin but it turned out to be metastatic cancer to the bone in her lower spine.
we r truly devastated and saddened by the news as we , her only two daughters r goin back to the uk soon to continue with our lives & projects but it feels horrible to leave her behind to deal with a new course of treatment, which she went through bfore right after moving and buying a house on her own ( with her cutie doggy).

What can we do to aleviate her days and help with pain/ discomfort .. Im soon going to be moving to the starts to be with my fiancé and we wish her to come visit at some point / near future once she’s healed. If not there then UK would be nice as shes in europe but we are also planning to change things up and vacate our flat there so theres a lot going on.

wish us luck , lots of strenght, love , support , positivity, direction… 🍀💗🤞🏻

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