Leaving job after apprenticeship

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Lily George
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Hi, I'm currently doing an 18 month digital marketing apprenticeship but only 3 months in I've realised this isn't a job that I want to stay (it may sound ridiculous that I wasn't expecting it to be completely office based and have found myself hating sitting in front of screens for 7.5 hours a day).

I'm willing to stick it out for the qualifications as it's a short period but it's a little awkward as I told my manager at my interview that I would stay after the apprenticeship which seems like a major reason I got the job.

Any advice on how to go about exiting the job without upsetting anyone, and also not compromising the end of my apprenticeship but still giving my manager enough notice that I'm going to leave?

I would also really like to take some time off work to travel after I plan to leave. It may be useful to know that I will be 19 nearly 20 once this apprenticeship is completed Would it be suitable to take this as a gap year before seeking employment or would the gap be questionable on a CV?

Also any recommendations on what jobs less computer based but still relievant to a level 3 in digital marketing will be appreciated?

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