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been at uni for 6 years straight and it's taking a toll on me. graduated during the pandemic so uni seemed better than looking for jobs in a super competitive field (as an international student, the process of finding a firm that would sponsor your visa can be a bit of a pain). now in my final year of masters. 5th year went fine, quite happy with the grades and the progress i've made since undergrad as it kept improving. come first half of 6th year and got the lowest grade since 2nd year in a module that weighed a lot, it's knocked down my confidence especially because i worked so hard for it, in fact more than ever before. i've spoken to friends and they said i shouldn't beat myself up too much about it and that there's another chance. i'd usually get over it soon enough but this time i've lost the spirit/fight/whatever. the stress of trying to get my life sorted, applying & finding jobs, fear of disappointing parents, trying to make a living for myself is all too much. if anyone's been in the same boat, how do you deal with it?
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filindo, Been there, in my 2nd year at Uni, I achieved 7% for financial accounting, and quit completely. Do I ever regret quitting after one result. After 15 years of working without a degree, I finally went back to uni and will complete my bachelors in 4 months with all but 1 distinctions. I always had what it took to succeed, but it took me 15 years to get my head in the game.

If I could go back. I would have completed my studies. It is my greatest regret. My advice to you would be, it's a setback, it's disappointing, it really sucks, and second-guessing your decision is normal. But regardless of what it is you are where you are, and cannot change it. It could be worse, it was for me. Understand that you are in control. Understand that you have what it takes, and try again, right now. You only have to make the decision that you are more than capable of achieving the marks you want, and see yourself doing it.

I really do hope that this advice helps you. I wish someone had taken the time to tell me this, maybe it would have been different for me.

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