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gcse pe?

I dont know whether to take gcse pe or not. i only do 1 club outside of school and i am not very serious about it but i would still like to do gcse pe because i do enjoy sports - not the best though. i dont know whether i will do ok in it or everyone else will just be much more advanced than me?
If you enjoy it as a subject then why not. You don’t have to be the best at sports you know, one club is more than enough. Also it’s more theory than practical so keep that in mind.
Good luck!
Hi there! GCSE and A level PE student here. In my experience (with OCR exam board), we had to do 3 sports, those that didn't do 3 sports outside school took less popular sports like table tennis and handball since it's easier to get high marks in these since few people take them and a lot of people doing, for example, football are likely to play to a high level since they are able to access better coaching and facilities etc locally compared to someone playing handball. So it's likely you'll have to pick another 2 sports, but hopefully your school can help you choose ones you can get good marks in. Another thing is the course was heavily theory-based, the practical only made up 30% of the final grade, which suited me as I'm quite academic, if you like sciences/ are interested in sports science then you will probably enjoy it. We also did next to no practical work at school, and were expected to collect evidence outside of school. Long story short, other people may be better at sport than you, but considering practical ability is not the be-all-and-end-all of GCSE PE, you probably won't be at a huge disadvantage. It's worth speaking to your teacher about the specific exam board (I think AQA is quite similar to OCR but I can't speak for other boards) to see how many sports you need and what weighting there is on practical.
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PE isnt just about playing sports, it also includes writing and they don't just assess you on your levels of skills during PE but also the knowledge and the psychology that you learn about physical health, therefore meaning you'd have to take a paper exam. Some schools also do BTEC PE which I believe contains more contexts about the body rather than playing sports. Although learning and writing lessons may not happen every day, it is important to consider if that is what you want. If you are not too serious about it, I'de say don't pick it, but if you still pick it there will be a time period in schools where you can change that subject after trying it out after a few weeks.
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thank you, i wanted to pick pe because my other choices are spanish and ict and they are not practical subjects. i do enjoy science subjects too so your reply is leaning towards doing it.
thank you, ill take your advice and speak to my teacher.

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