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Is Warwick University good for philosophy


My sister is thinking of doing an MA in philosophy there, she wants to get into law and has a first law degree from Surrey University (a high 2:1, 66%), but she wants to do a masters in philosophy because it interests her, she has an offer from three universities, Warwick, UCL and King's College, but how good is warwick for philosophy and how is its reputation with law firms compared to UCL or King's college for philosophy, especially seeing as she wants to do a masters degree in philosophy and not an undergraduate. She is more intrested in continental philosophy, that is why she likes the course at Warwick more, but she cares about reputation aswell, seeing as she wants to get into law. How good is Warwick for philosophy in terms of its reputation with law firms, and how good is it compared to UCL and King's for the MA in philosophy. Thank you very much.
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It's good but my money'd be on King's.

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