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Accommodation Guide - Which should you pick?

As a first year at UoM, I thought I'd give anyone wondering which accommodation to apply for some guidance as to the best.

Catered vs Self-Catered
While some may be dead set on catered, if you are on the fence, go for self catered! You will have to cook for yourself second and third year anyway and its not like there's a shortage of takeaways nearby if you can't be bothered one night. Meal times are also limited so you may end up missing meals if you have other commitments

Furthermore, self-catered accommodation is in flats with large kitchens whereas catered are on corridors with tiny 'kitchens' which tend to be a lot less sociable.

If you want the best first year experience, you have to be in Fallowfield.
It is important to remember you may end up with any of the 5 accommodations you choose as you can't put them in order of preference. For this reason, don't pick any as 'fillers' because you may end up with them.

Oak house is the best value and with a bit of decoration is really not that bad at all. For just £110 a week you get the most social accommodation, good sized kitchen and generally the best flatmates. I would say it is worth the upgrade to have a basin in your room as you can pretty much use it as an ensuite (take that as you will) plus the toilets have a slightly better layout. There are 4 boys and 4 girls in a flat with boys on the bottom and girls on the top floor. The kitchen is either on the top or bottom floor and there are 4 flats in a block. There are also a lot of parties going on and the student bar is really close. Sleep hasn't been an issue. Note - There are 3 types of oak house room - apply to all to increase your chances of getting it.

Unsworth park. Let's face it, everyone wants it. The kitchens are huge, the area is really nice and buildings look great. The rooms are a good size and it's ensuite. However, it is £50 more a week than oak which is significant. An en-suite is really not that crucial. I am sharing and communal areas are cleaned every 1/2 days. I also haven't had to wait for the toilet at all. I would recommend putting this down on your choices if you can afford it. it is social but not quite on the level of oak and people will end up going to oak often. I would say don't have your heart set on it though as it is so oversubscribed. It is the only 'modern' accommodation in Fallowfield. Besides, make friends there and you can hang out in their kitchens.

Shaven/Richmond are in-between oak and Unsworth but in a bad sense. They are only about £8 less a week than Unsworth but a lot worse. A lot less social, small kitchens in Richmond (although more social than sheavyn.) They are pretty much oak house with en suite. Having one of these as a preference to fill a gap isn't bad but once again there is no benefit to them over the value of oak and niceness of Unsworth.

Uttley is a wierd one. It is very nice (made from an old hotel) but small with only 60 occupants and it has 3 kitchens but no flats, everyone is on a long windy corridor together. A lot less social but ideal if you want a place to sleep that's away from it all and really nice. It has a study area in it open to everyone which is the best in Fallowfield.

Hopefully this helps you decide, and whatever you do don't pick Whitworth!

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