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Hello everyone,

I have been interested in doing master degree. As I am working I am unable to study full time at Uni as I did it with bachelor degree and it wasn't easy but I am willing to take the masters online.

My question is - Which University would be the best choice in order to get as much knowledge and support in Computer Science? I am pursuing a career as a Software Engineer (C/C++/C#/Python and Linux). I have a 2:1 Honored Bachelor of Science in Games Development already, I did IoC Software Engineering bootcamp and I do programming / developing whenever I have a free time. I know that the best is to learn on my own but I would also like to get that master degree too.

As far as I know, University of Bath - Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence is recommended. What about CS with AI at University of York? Do you guys can recommend any better Uni with an online master course? I cannot find any online course with year of placement, is that even a thing? If I am taking a degree I want to take advantage of the best possible option.

Kind Regards
Liverpool Hope University
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Hi Karol,

Here at Liverpool Hope, we offer an Advanced Computer Science MSc degree, which is an accredited course by the Chartered Institute for IT.

This course in particular covers a wide range of specific topics such as: Data Analytics, Theoretical Computer Science, Numerical Methods, Applied Computer Science, Programming, Data Communications, Cyber Security, Visualisation, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, High, Performance Computing, Advances in Computer Science as well as Artificial Intelligence.

Our entry requirements are normally a First Class or Upper Second Class Honours Degree in Computer Science, Computing, Science, or engineering-based discipline, of which you already attain and thus you would be welcome to apply.

Furthermore, we also offer a Data Science and Cyber Security course which you can complete online. This course will provide a firm grounding in the fundamentals of data analytics, the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the use of cloud computing to facilitate data science, and the protection of data using modern cryptographic approaches. You can read more information about this here

Our post graduate degrees unfortunately do not offer a year in industry like our undergraduate degrees do. However, as out tutors already have access and links to these employment opportunities via their undergraduate channels, this is certainly something they would be able to discuss and potentially arrange with you.

Please let me know if you would like anymore information that I can help you with,

Kind regards,


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