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I want to move schools to this school where my friend is going because i really hate my current school. But my parents dont approve and i dont know if i want to move schools because of my friend or because i honestly want to go to this school. What i do no is i need a fresh start in a new school. What should i do?
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Can you just take a moment firstly to work out what is going on for you in your current school? ie Why do you hate it?
Is it the staff; the students in your class; the distance you travel; lack of activities? the work load; homework?
Be honest with yourself if something has changed or happened? Are you finding yourself on the outside of groups or Is it just you haven't found anyone to share your outlook and interests?
What is it about your current school that makes your Mum and Dad so like it?
What would you lose if you changed school right now?
Is there anything you can do to rectify the things you hate?
Have you spoken to any staff or support services at your school?
Have you discovered everything there is to know about your current school & its activities?

Then look at the other or another school

How long would it take you to get up to speed with a different curriculum or exam board syllabus?
Why do you think you would be happier at this school rather than your old one?
What makes you think you could fit in better at this school than the old one?
Even though your friend goes to this school are you pinning too much hope on the fact you might be able to see them or meet up with them in the day when in reality this might not happen?
What would you lose personally/educationally/ moving to this school?

Can you find someone at your current school to talk about this? You seem very unhappy and they really are the best people to advise you about changing schools if that is what you insist on doing? Have a chat with your friend too - maybe they were thinking of moving to your school?

I know its hard to do because you probably don't want to disappoint your Mum and Dad - but see if you can chat to them about what it is that makes you unhappy? You may not agree with their lines of thinking but you could take a moment and reflect on what they say.

Getting to know new friends can easily take six months or more. There is no quick fix if there are fall outs at school. The worst thing that could happen is to move school, take ages to settle in and then find it was just as bad as your previous school.

It depends how long you have been at your school, and may also want to consider when is a good time to move if indeed that happens?

I hope you can gain some peace of mind soon.

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