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What is the best ways to revise for psychology A-level, AQA?
Practice exam questions! :smile:

I also make flashcards on the key terms, and a table outlining the key studies for each topic.
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I've always found that summarising information into shorter chunks and learning them off has been the best way for me e.g social influence -> Milgrams variations of obedience -> location +/- etc
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What is the best ways to revise for psychology A-level, AQA?

I did A-Level Psychology! Though it was a few years ago, I'll try to pass on a few tips I used!

Flashcards are useful for learning terminology or theories

Practice answering essay questions, timing yourself, and asking the teacher to re-word or re-phrase questions to get you to identify what the question is looking for

Learn to write a plan under timed conditions by practicing and timing yourself so that you can create a guide for yourself while you're in the exam

Watching Youtube videos or revision guides - as a visual learner, I found watching and seeing illustrations helped me to process and understand the concepts

Find enjoyment in your subject and what you're learning because this will help to motivate you to continue learning. Don't think about needing to revise, rather shift your mindset to wanting to learn about the different theories and arguments - this will make revision much easier

Try and apply what you learn to your daily life. This helps to cement your knowledge as you're able to see in person how well/bad the theory applies to practice

Question everything - there are always limitations. Not all researchers acknowledge the limitations in their studies and it's your job to unpick those points and write about it

I hope these tips help! Best of luck with your revision @CelineK17 :smile:

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