How to stop being afraid of relationships

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So I'm 19, never been in a relationship. I've had many chances and people have been interested in me. It's just that I'm kinda awkward and scared in a way? I'm not really sure, I really want to get into a relationship but whenever the chance is in front of me I end up sabotaging it and basically running away, I feel like at this rate I will be single forever lmao. Any advice?
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When there's hell in hello?

That said you've had a few contacts - and lived to tell the tale. When you are ready to have a relationship you will know. You will also live to tell that tale.

It is just the same in relationships - you have to ask what is it that you are so afraid of? Being ridiculed for something? Being rejected?

How did you learn to sabotage relationships? What family dynamics were there growing up (or lack of them) for you to imitate that behaviour?

If you accept you might be single forever you might become accepting of the fact and become uncompromising in the way you respond to others. You will gain a friend when you least expect it

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